Two monumental events, World War II and man’s journey into space are the inspiration behind Eternal Love , a 4-metre high statue cast in bronze standing on a 4 metre plinth, and the latest work from the Polish artist, Wojtek Siudmak. Siudmak has lived and worked in Paris for the past 40 years.
When I consider the destruction wrought by World War II and combine it with the vision of Earth from the Cosmos granted to us in the Twentieth Century, I am overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility Mankind carries – for both our planet and civilization as a whole, said Siudmak. Peaceful coexistence is indispensable, as is the obligation to use technology and energy resources with care and wisdom.

The unveiling of the statue, in the Renaissance style, of the heads of a man and a woman suspended in space like two planets joined by their respective rings — a symbol of Universal Harmony — is scheduled for 2009 in a specially reconstructed arena of Siudmak’s native town of Wielun.

Eternal Love is the first part of Siudmak’s vision of a permanent sculpture park and museum. A copy of the Eternal Love sculpture will be sent by relay, to one of the cities of peace. The chosen city will commission a sculpture by its own artist. It will keep the original, and will send a copy to another city of peace, with a third to Wielun. The works will symbolise peace and harmony, not only in Wielun but in a number of cities which are Wojtek Siudmak members of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities. Born out of the United Nation’s General Assembly in 1986, the Association has the goal of building a world less violent and more humane, a world of tolerance and mutual respect. Member cities include Chicago, Berlin, Beijing, Coventry, Tokyo, Moscow and Melbourne.

Siudmak’s vision has already been promoted at a number of key events enjoying the patronage of international figures such as Germany’s formal Bundespräsident, Roman Herzog, and Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureat for Physics 2004.

Further events to raise funds for the project are planned during 2008, the centre of which will be the 1.2 metre high scaled stereolithography (SL) model built by Paris based engineering group Groupe Erpro using the DSM Somos® WaterShed® 11120 SL resin.