Direct Manufacture



The advantage of additive manufacturing, also known as direct manufacturing or e-manufacturing, lies in the fact that parts are produced by 3D printers without tooling, without moulds, without machining and without injection very quickly. Additive manufacturing is leading to a revolution in product design methodology.
With direct manufacturing, you can design the impossible and build it. In this new production age based on 3D printing you can create any kind of geometry at any point in the life cycle of a product directly from 3D CAD files.
Your markets will be able to adjust to ever shorter product life cycles. Variations on one product can generate dedicated products for example. You can customise objects or simply make them more efficient in terms of their weight, volume or cost for example.


Traditional production methods are based on economies of scale and are no longer able to meet such challenges. Traditional manufacture relies on selling large quantities of simple and identical products obtained via traditional methods. This restricts design.
Because it stacks layers (3D printing is an additive process), with direct manufacture you can produce any type of three-dimensional geometry such as lattice structures. We can manufacture with almost unlimited flexibility, with no dedicated production tool and with no programming…

Direct manufacturing is possible with 3D printing processes from CAD files:

Stereolithography, laser sintering of polymer powder and metallic fusion (aluminium, stainless steel and Inconel 718 etc.).