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Specialized in large series and small series additive manufacturing, we keep the manufacture of professional 3D models at heart.
Equipped with a design office and an exceptional 3D printing machine park, from stereolithography to Polyjet. We have all the materials and all the colors (500,000 pantone colors) to meet your professional model needs.

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Concept Car BABY DS
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A life-size model

Made for the BMW NineT, this bespoke suit is not just there to be elegant: it is a showcase of the 3D manufacturing techniques offered by Erpro Group (stereolithography, laser sintering, metal fusion, Jet fusion, Polyjet…).
A collaboration with the Viba Motors studio

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Impression 3D en couleur de la maquette réduite de Newron

Discover all our achievements in 3D printing

We printed for Newron on the Stratasys J850 a 1/8th scale model of the future Newron EV-1.

For the printing of the model, we have chosen Polyjet technology. This technology makes it possible to directly print parts in color for an ultra-realistic rendering. This is the perfect technology for 3D printing figurines, avatars, architectural models, topology.

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Model of a drone, a showcase of all our 3D printing technologies

We have made a drone with all of our 3D printing technologies (stereolithography, powder sintering, metal fusion). And with our industrial service technologies such as machining, plastic injection, vacuum casting…

Baby DS model

3D printing, machining and molding
For DS automobiles, we have produced the Baby DS with all of our French know-how. A great model that required the intervention of all our teams