New service: Chemical smoothing

With this new finishing service, Erpro Group now offers a surface finish identical to injection molding techniques for your 3D parts



Our 3D printing office service has provided you with a full range of services for additive manufacturing and the finishing of your projects since 1997. We master the various 3D printing technologies such as wire deposition, FDM and CFF composite, stereolithography, Carbon technology, polymer powder sintering, Multi Jet Fusion technology, metal fusion, machining, molding silicone, RIM molding, rotational molding, plastic injection, paint finish and chrome paint.

fabrication additive Metal Fusion Aero


Erpro Group, the leading additive manufacturing service provider in France, has had exclusive deals with new 3D machines since 1997. Our 3D printing office service offers the printing of your project on different machines. In addition to our 3D printing service, we also offer our machining and molding services.

We take care of everything

From design to post production, our experienced team masters the entire process for the realization of your project in 3D printing. Parametric design, Topological optimization, Metal coating or Paint finish, discover all our services.

An additive offer for all sectors

Experienced staff and a policy of constant renewal of our machinery, today allows us to be the leaders in additive manufacturing in France. Erpro Group offers a wide range of products for the automotive, aeronautics, medical, cosmetic, architecture, industry, design and luxury sectors.