Thanks to our design office and all our partners, we are able to offer a wide range of services in digitalization, design, digitalization and 3D scanning:

– Volume Design, Product Design, Parametric Design – Studies and 3D Designs – Modeling 3D parts and assemblies – 3D reconstruction by digitization (Scan3D) – 3D realistic rendering – EF calculation for sizing parts and structures – 2D plan – Injection mold design
digitalisation d'un produit
digitalisation sur logiciel

CAD The modeling, preparation and digitalization phase

To convert an idea from your project into a file ready to be printed in 3D, to be in digitaliization phase, several steps are necessary: Creation or recovery of a 3D model, Export in STL format, Recovery and preparation of the file, Slicing the STL file, Export to the printer.

For this there is a wide range of software more or less complex, suitable for your different projects.

At Erpro Group, for a quotation related to digitalization, you are first asked for a 3D file (or if not a plan, or sketch side), the quantity of desired parts, the type of finish, the desired techno and possibly the constraints (temperature, pressure, accuracy …).

We operate 3D files of STL, IGS, STEP, CATIA V4 or CATIA V5 types. For any other type of file, please contact us.

A faithful reproduction

Your files are also used for machining. We use software interfaces to transform 3D CAD files into an STL file directly usable by our “Solid Imaging” systems. The machines automatically exploit the file without alteration. In this digitalization phase, they guarantee the faithful reproduction of the original CAD model, within the limits of the process and the format of the part to be produced.