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Additive Manufacturing Small,Medium & Large Series

Since 1997 we provide a full range of services for the manufacture and finishing of your projects, up to small series.
We master the various 3D printing technologies such as ABS fused deposition, FDM & CFF Composite, stereolithography, the new technology Carbon, the PMMA Binder Jetting, polymer powder sintering, the new technology HP Multi Jet Fusion, metal fusion, direct manufacture, silicone molding, molding RIM and plastic injection. We are also in charge to finishing your pieces before the expedition.
One Group, 3 entities and 3 production sites in France
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Erpro Group is 3 entities: Erpro, Sprint, and Erpro 3Dfactory.


Additive Manufacturing


Molding & Rapid Tooling


Additive Manufacturing Large Series Innovation Design