Powder Sintering


Plastic 3D printing
From prototype to large series

The mascara brush “Le Volume Révolution de Chanel” was created at home from polyamide thanks to our laser sintering technology, so 250,000 brushes per week are printed in our factory in Val d’Oise “Erpro 3D Factory ”.

With a machine park equipped with several powder sintering machines, we are able to respond to any additive projects, from prototypes to large series.

SLS Process
SLS – Selective Laser Sintering

Laser powder sintering is a laser SLS technology that uses powdered materials, typically plastics. A computer-controlled laser beam melts the particles on the powder bed, raising its temperature past the glass transition point, causing the particles to agglomerate. The powder is self-supporting, therefore no support structure is required.

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PA 12, PA 11, bio-based
Our polyamide offers

We print on our laser powder sintering machines real parts in polyamide (PA 12, PA 11, Pa 11 Biobased), glass-filled polyamide (30%), alumide (50% aluminum), carbon and PA Flex (75 ShA) .

We also carry out the additive manufacturing of self-extinguishing Polyamide parts, with a fire classification FAR 25 V0. Very resistant, this material is almost unbreakable and is ideal for aeronautical applications.

We also offer black PA 11. It is a mass-tinted polyamide, very resistant to impact and is ideal for the most demanding technical validations. Note that black PA11 is also ideal for film / hinge applications.

Pièces en impression 3D

Why use this technology?
There are many advantages

Good mechanical characteristics (functional tests under real conditions), temperature resistance (100 to 150° ambient), dimensional stability, good sealing (after treatment) and good resistance to hydrocarbons.


All the materials we offer for powder sintering

FR 2241
PA-3200 GF
TPU 90a
TPU 1301