3D printing precious metal

3D printing
Precious Metal

Yellow gold, white gold, bronze, copper, titanium

Erpro Group now offers you high resolution metal 3D printing for precious metals with the MYSINT 100 from SISMA. This metal additive manufacturing solution is intended for jewelry, the dental sector, as well as various industrial applications.


The Sisma MYSINT 100 is a metal 3D printer using powder bed laser fusion technology. This system, equipped with a 200 W fiber laser, is ideal for processing precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold.

She uses LBM “Laser Beam Melting” (or called SLM) technology. It offers a manufacturing job of Ø 100 mm x 80 mm, but it also has smaller production platforms in order to minimize the quantity of material to be used in the context of specific development in particular

3D printing Precious Metal

Print fineness up to 30 microns

A wide choice of materials

Chrome cobalt, precious metals, yellow gold, white gold, bronze, titanium, steel and nickel alloys, as well as pure copper. We offer you the best of technology for the production of your project in 3D printing precious metal

Impression 3D bi-matériaux

3D printing

We are now able to print your parts by combining two materials. With a wide choice of compatible metallic powders: yellow gold, white gold, bronze, steel alloys, nickel.

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