General terms and conditions

The quality policy of Erpro and 3D Factory is available on request.

Article 1 


The launching of the manufacturing is conditioned by the reception of an order.
We accept that the launch is carried out by a return of our estimate carrying the handwritten mention  » Good for agreement « , but an order of regularization will have to follow by mail. A minimum invoice amount of 120 euros excluding VAT is applied. The sending of a purchase order in conformity with the present estimate will carry acceptance of these general contractual conditions, without reserves.

Article 2 


The delivery is carried out by parcel, with the most adequate means according to the times, traveling expenses will be invoiced.
After the work has been returned, our client must check the conformity of the documents returned to him and the work supplied, as soon as possible and, if necessary, send us a justified complaint within 48 hours. Failing this, any complaint will be rejected, the work carried out and the documents returned being presumed to conform to the order given by the customer.
Our goods being controlled at the departure of our buildings, it is up to you to control them with the delivery, all received parcels deteriorated by your care, will have to be the subject of a « written » reserve near the transpoter. The delivery date is scheduled within 24 hours from the date of departure from our premises.

Article 3


The documents entrusted to our agents are presumed not to be unique pieces.
In the event of non-compliance or dispute, insofar as the complaint is admitted, our responsibility is limited exclusively to the pure and simple replacement of the part which would have been recognized as defective.

Article 4 


Failure to accept a bill of exchange on time, non respect with any payment deadline, or partial or total cessation of activity shall, at our discretion, automatically and without formal notice, result in the forfeiture of the term of payment, and consequently in the immediate payment of all sums, even if not yet due, which may be owed on any grounds whatsoever.
All our products are subject to a reservation of ownership clause, they remain our entire property until their full payment.
In the absence of payment the day following the date of payment which appears on the invoice, and in accordance with the article L.441-6 of the commercial code, penalties of delay and a standard payment rate for the expenses of recovery will be due by right. The interests will be calculated according to the legal rate in force and the allowance’s amount is 40€.
All our invoices are payable at 45 days end of month date of invoice.
No discount will be granted for early payment.

Article 5 

Additive manufacturing, molding and tools

In ABS wire deposition and powder sintering it is not recommended to have details below 0.8 mm.
For stereolithography and metal fusion we recommend details higher than 0.5 mm.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the CAD file is compatible with the additive manufacturing process.
Silicone molds are the property of the customer, provided that they have been paid for, but are only kept for one year after the date of the order. After this date, or if the mold is no longer capable of producing parts, the silicone molds are destroyed unless otherwise instructed by the customer.
Injection tools and RIM molds are the property of the customer, provided that they have been paid for. These tools, if they are still able to produce parts, are kept for 5 years. After this date, they are destroyed unless otherwise instructed by the customer.

Article 6 


The supplier/subcontractor commits :
– to inform Erpro of non-conforming products,
– to obtain Erpro’s approval for decisions regarding non-conforming products,
– to inform Erpro of changes to product, processes, suppliers and facilities and obtain Erpro’s approval before doing any changes,
– to inform Erpro if an order is subcontracted to the supplier,
– to pass on Erpro’s requirements to the entire supply chain,
– to keep the records of this order.
Erpro retains the right to access the premises, at any level of the supply chain, affected by the order and all applicable records.

Article 7 


Furthermore, we reserve the right to withhold services rendered but not yet delivered, or to proceed with the completion of contracts and/or orders in progress without delivery and in the event of cessation of payment, filing for bankruptcy, judicial settlement, provisional suspension of proceedings, liquidation of assets, whether amicable or judicial.
Any dispute, whatever the nature or cause, will be submitted to the Commercial Court of Pontoise.