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Since 1997, we have been offering our services in additive manufacturing with different 3D printing technologies such as FDM, stereolithography, polymer laser powder sintering or even metal 3D printing. Over the years, we have chained exclusivities in 3D printing by expanding and offering new revolutionary 3D technologies such as CFF composite, Carbon DLS technology, HP Multi Jet Fusion, Metal Binder Jetting technology, and also the 3D silicone printing.

From the model to the large series, we can respond to any project in 3D printing

DS calandre


With our 10 stereolithography machines, we can make you a particularly precise model or prototype from your 3D CAD file. Ideal for your very large parts with, for example, our two systems with a capacity of 1500x750x550mm.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

From prototype to mass production

With a machine park equipped with several powder sintering machines, we are able to respond to any additive projects, prototypes or large series.

Pièce avec la machine SISMA

3D printing Precious Metal

Ideal for jewelery and the dental sector

To complement our classic metal melting service, we offer high-resolution metal 3D printing for precious metals.


Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ)

Ideal for series

Metal Binder Jetting technology is a technology that consists of depositing a binder on a bed of metal powder. With this new additive technology, we can mass-produce high-precision stainless steel parts.


Carbon® DLS™

A new resin printing technology that can produce parts with excellent mechanical properties. Plus exceptional resolution and surface finish.


Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Ideal for serial printing

With our HP machines, we can manufacture real functional parts for you. A top dimension of 380x285x380 mm max.


Fused Deposition Modelling (FFF/FDM)

With our different FFF machines (Ultimaker, Spiderbot, etc.), we offer you ideal 3D printing for precise, industrial quality and high-strength parts



3D Printing, ABS, PP, PA and TPU

Manufacture of your parts from injection granules. We can manufacture the same part integrating up to four different materials.

impression 3D silicone lynxter

Silicone 3D Printing

For small silicone parts

We offer you a new technology, silicone 3D printing with our new lynxter machine. Ideal for making single or two-component industrial technical silicones.


Liquid Crystal MAGNA

Your parts in high resolution

The Liquid Crystal Magna 3D printer is the largest LCD 3D printer in the world. Whether it is hundreds of small parts or a single large part, we are able to meet all your projects.



3D Pellet Technology

Designed for intensive use, this technology allows a method of production of small and medium industrial series that is both reliable and economical. This machine can print technical materials such as polyamide and polycarbonate.


Application cases

Erpro Group offers a wide range of 3D printing for the automotive, aeronautics, medical, cosmetics, architecture, industry, design and luxury sectors.
Find below a list of all our 3D printing projects

Torgos – Opus

Torgos is an innovative rocket engine developed by OPUS Aerospace. Combining advanced technology and ecology, it is a unique rocket engine in the world.

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Chanel Revolution

The first mascara brush “Le Volume Révolution de Chanel” printed in 3D was created by us. Thus, 250,000 brushes are printed per week.

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Model Baby DS

For DS automobiles, we have produced the Baby DS with all of our French know-how. A great model that required the intervention of all our teams.

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Motorbike Newron

3D printing on the Stratasys J850 of a 1/8th scale model of the future Newron EV-1. Printed in one go with different materials.

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AMB 001

3D printing of different parts for the first model of the AMB 001 from Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd and Brough Superior. Strictly limited to 100 copies.

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Drone Erpro

To show all our services (3D printing, machining, plastic injection, molding) we have made a 100% Erpro drone.

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Myfit Solutions

For Myfit Solutions, we print custom-made tips for headphones. Printed with our new Carbon® Clip™ technology. To discover on the Myfit Solutions website


Eyeglasses Atol

For the Atol optical brand, we mass-produce Atol ZEN connected glasses frames (Senior Care & Junior Care)

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Panthère Chanel

In partnership with Smart Metal, we made a model of a unique panther in parametric design. A project carried out for the Chanel brand.

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Albéa – Désert

We work with Albéa to create innovative mascara brushes. The Desert mascara brush family combines bold shapes and stunning makeup results.

DS X E-Tense

For DS automobiles, we produced the grille in stereolithography for the new “DS X-Tense” concept car. A concept car to discover on the website of DS automobiles.

Moto Cara

A real showcase of all our printing techniques to discover on our CARA motorcycle, in partnership with VIBA. A limited edition motorcycle to discover on the VIBA website

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