Application of silicones

Application of silicones
Casting / Injection / Vulcanisation

40 years of know-how in the implementation of silicones by casting, injection and vulcanization for the aeronautics, medical, para-medical, surface treatment, pad printing and agri-food sectors.

Entrust us your project, we will take care of studying in our office of study its feasibility, to design the tools and to set up the process of manufacture.


This polymer combines performance, aesthetics and durability. With each product, its silicone, its qualities are multiple. Temperature resistance, elongation, tear resistance, wide range of hardness, antimicrobial properties, antistatic, antiallergenic …
We are here to help you define the silicone of your projects.

Our equipment in vacuum pump, injection and cooking system are suitable for the manufacture of a few units to a few thousand units.

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