Parametric design

Parametric Design
Digital Design

Parametric Design is an innovative approach to digital design, it allows to generate shapes with complex geometry from the exploitation of a large amount of data.

With our design office specializing in parametric design, we have the resources to respond to your most complex additive project.

Designers are no longer mere creators of forms and spaces, but rather coordinators of an organic and complex process, capable of interpreting and transforming data. In terms of digital design, this approach makes it possible to generate and control complex and evolving forms, but requires both significant mastery of the artistic challenges and techniques linked to the design of these forms.

Example of an additive artistic project in parametric design, “Goute de sens” led by Clarisse Derobert-masure


The parametric design allows, by an initial encoding of the design according to defined criteria, to develop your creation in 1 click instead of long weeks of work.

This type of digital and parametric Design is enabled by a great mastery of several softwares (Rhino – Grasshopper…)

Paramectric design example