Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The purpose of this document is to define the quality requirements applicable to suppliers providing a product or a service to Erpro Group. The Quality Manager is responsible for the distribution and verification of the application of this document.

Quality System

Erpro being ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified, we ask our suppliers to implement a quality management system in accordance with the requirements defined in this document. The supplier is required to notify us as soon as possible of any changes to its quality management system.


When ordering, ERPRO communicates to the supplier the requirements for the processes, products or services to be provided.
The contract review must take into account:
– Applicable legal and regulatory requirements
– Special product requirements
– Competencies required to manufacture the product
– Specific documents (Plan, Work Instruction…)
– Risks related to operational activities
– Requirements for the release of products
– Control/capability reports to be provided
– Delivery requirements (time, place of delivery, method of delivery)
– Differences between requirements of a previous order
– Communication between the supplier and ERPRO
The supplier has to make sure that he is able to meet the requirements of the product ordered by ERPRO and to have in his possession all the documents allowing the execution of the order.
In case of modification of the order, an amendment will have to be made.


Delivery shall be made in accordance with the terms and place of delivery indicated on the order form with the associated documents.
In all cases, a delivery note must be attached to the delivery.
The order may be required to provide:
– An inspection report
– A declaration of conformity according to the NFL-00-015C standard
In case of delay, the supplier/subcontractor must immediately notify ERPRO and indicate the expected delivery date. The causes of the delay shall be identified as well as the measures taken to remedy it.


The packaging used by the supplier/subcontractor must be appropriate to the nature of the products delivered so as to avoid damage and deterioration, and comply with all applicable regulations.
The supplier/subcontractor will make sure to use reusable or recyclable packaging in order to limit the volume of waste generated by its deliveries.


If changes need to be made to the product, processes, suppliers and facilities, the supplier/subcontractor must obtain approval from ERPRO before any changes.

Product control

If an inspection report is requested from the external service provider upon delivery of the product, ERPRO must communicate:
– The quantity of part to be inspected (partial or total)
– The inspection plan
– The applicable tolerances
– The critical dimensions

Note: These elements are to be determined based on the risks identified.
The external provider shall provide a report with the following:
– Order number
– Part number
– Sampling method if applicable
– The reference of the measuring device used
– The applicable tolerances
– The deviations found / Note (if applicable)
– The decision of the controller
– The name of the controller
– The date of the inspection
– The report reference
The document “PR_MSQ_76_Control” can be sent to the external provider.

Non-compliant product

In case of non-compliant products, the supplier/subcontractor commits to inform and obtain ERPRO’s approval for decisions related to non-conforming products.
The nonconformities detected during the reception of the purchased products if the supplier’s responsibility is engaged are subject to identification, isolation and treatment by the Quality department. A copy will be sent to the head of the supplier/subcontractor’s purchasing department for information while waiting for the possibility of accepting the product by derogation.
Derogations by the user department of the product, can be requested for the release of this one if the nonconformity does not present a degree of gravity influencing the final quality of the products.
In all cases of acceptance of the product by derogation, or total refusal of the product, the supplier/subcontractor must provide an analysis of the causes and define the immediate actions.


Orders may not be executed by a subcontractor without ERPRO’s prior written approval.
In case of authorized subcontracting, the supplier must ensure and verify that ERPRO’s requirements are passed on to the subcontractor.


Unless specific requirement in the order, the supplier/subcontractor undertakes to keep the records corresponding to the order for at least 5 years. The archiving must be efficient to guarantee security, confidentiality and to protect them from any risk of theft, indiscretion, malicious intent or alteration.
No document related to the order can be destroyed without prior authorization from ERPRO.

Access rights

ERPRO has the right to access the premises, at any level of the supply chain, concerned by the order and to all applicable records.


The supplier must implement a process to prevent the use of counterfeit or suspected counterfeit parts in the product delivered to ERPRO.

Applicable law

The order as well as the contracts will be governed and interpreted in accordance with French law.

Supplier selection and evaluation

The consultation of suppliers can be carried out by the purchasing manager, the production manager, the sales representatives and the quality manager.
During this consultation, the document “HA_QUE_45_Evaluation_Suppliers_And_Subcontractors” must be completed by the supplier.
Once a year, suppliers in the panel are evaluated by the technical manager, the purchasing manager and the quality manager. Depending on the results of the evaluation, an action plan can be requested from the supplier.
ERPRO reserves the right to perform audits before the first order.

Staff awareness

The supplier shall implement a process to ensure that personnel are made aware of their contribution to product compliance and safety and the importance of ethical behavior.


Suppliers can be audited by ERPRO in the case of :
– A first order
– A system or product nonconformity
– A change in the quality system
The quality policy of Erpro, 3D Factory is available on request.