Multi Jet Fusion 4200


Multi Jet Fusion is a new technology for additive manufacturing on a powder bed, developed by Hewlett Packard. Each layer is heated uniformly from the start of the process. Then a fusing agent is jetted onto the surface of certain sections of the parts and a detailing agent around the contours to improve part resolution. When lamps pass over the powder bed, the fusing agent captures the heat, creating a layer.

The Erpro Group has an HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer with a shelf size of 380 x 285 x 380 mm, ideal for the manufacture of functional parts.

PA 11 biosourced

Erpro Group is the first French company to use the PA 11 biosourced on HP Multi-jet fusion.
The biosourced PA 11, produced from castor oil, is used in a wide range of applications, due to its properties: chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, ease of use, temperature range (-40 to + 130 ° C).


We make orthopaedic soles. Each one is unique but hundreds need to be printed every week, very quickly and as cheaply as possible. Each part is made to fit the morphology of the client’s foot. This is mass production of bespoke parts.


PA 11