WITH CARBON® DLS ™ (Digital Light Synthesis)

Carbon Clip is a breakthrough technology that uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish

Machine Carbon

Carbon Production Network
First Partner in France

Erpro Group is Carbon’s first partner in France, we joined the Carbon adventure in 2019. Our teams have had full training to use this new 3D printing technology. And we are now part of the “Carbon Production Network” ecosystem that brings together companies certified to use the Carbon platform – from design to production.

DLS™ (Digital Light Synthesis) technology enables the production of durable parts with incredible mechanical characteristics. Indeed Carbon, offers the best 3D printable materials for prototyping and production of real and functional parts.

With our two Carbon M2 machines (platform dimensions 118x189x326 mm), we have the resources and skills to meet your additive project.

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Carbon® DLS™ technology is known for printing the soles of Adidas shoes. We offer this technology for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, luxury and retail sectors.

At Erpro Group, we use Carbon resin 3D printing to produce mass-produced parts such as custom bits from Myfit Solutions.

Custom 3D printing
With Myfit Solutions

For Myfit Solutions, we have been printing tailor-made tips for headphones since 2019. For this we use the SIL 30 resin (silicone urethane), because it is a biocompatible resin and which allows to print personalized applications for comfortable products in contact with the skin. In addition, its tear resistance and soft touch proved to us that this material would provide optimum durability and comfort for Myfit Solutions ear tips.

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CE 221

High temperature resistance, stiff, and proven chemical resistance

EPU 41

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and energy returning

EPX 82

High-strength, excellent long-term durability, functional toughness

MPU 100

Biocompatible, sterilizable, and chemically resistant

RPU 70

High-strength, functional toughness, and moderate heat-resistance

RPU 130

Durability, impact resistance, and performance at elevated temperatures.

SIL 30

Soft, biocompatible, and tear resistant

UMA 90

Simple, colorful, and quick to print